Azusa v.1.0.2

we are already on our way to 1.0.2; but before we change the number going to upload some pack with bugfixes;
Basically every reported bug in the last 2 months been fixed in this small versions; I still have some cool aditions to make before changing the number to .2, so yeah, big bug fixes pack coming out in this week, that will be properly categorized in the .2;

Ah, if you find any extra bug (even if you reported this already) in the next weeks, feel free to re-report it, cuz ppl may have spammed it out of reading range (also please keep the bug reports and suggestions clean as possible, without chattings but with recently described bugs)

*fixed bugs related to divine privation
*fixed bugs related to big icons statues (sculptor perk)
*fixed bugs related to character creation (getting multiple classes)
*fixed bugs related to civil trait through rpp (ppl could get multiples)
*fixed bugs in dragon lair spikes trap (ppl could dash through the walls)
*fixed bugs related to gold coins decimals
*fixed bugs with hell rivers (ppl could use kappa dive in them)
*fixed bugs with active trainings at dreamworld (it bugged the gain rate)
*fixed knockback with npcs (now the max. knockback against a npc is 5 tiles, so you wont end the battle)
*fixed a bug with salamander armors colors
*fixed a bug with spamming blasts through macros
*fixed a bug with pandora not gaining god powers
*fixed a bug with flamingo armors meditation icon
*fixed a bug with test reflex training method not being teachable
*forgot some other bugs but they were fixed

As I stated the list of fixes ahead /\ I also made some others non doccumented fix; toward recently reported bugs and problems, they go however mainly toward the game's new meta, and first theme of .2;

It may sound familiar to some, but completelly awkward to others, however I will write up a page for Mokurenji's meta explaining its lore and how it works toward the reapers and stuffs;
But, here we will talk about it mechanically only;

*If theres no Sealing Rosary; and Hades is alive, Reapers and Dark Guardians won't lose status if they die; Allowing them to oppose as constant threat and villains, even not being strong enough; attacking earth and generating roleplays as they should.

*Once a Reaper dies, they need to wait 1 IC month to go back to earth, to avoid the reapers to go back to battle before the battle actually ends.
*Mokurenji the only real living thing born in hell; added by the blood waterfall between the sixth and seventh jail of the underworld;
*Admins will define when the Sealing Rosary is active or not, allowing more player freedom while roleplaying/interacting with it;
*To create the Sealing Rosary, someone must collect 108 fruits of the mokurenji, and a ritual (with or without sacrifice) meant to be decided by the admins;
*The Sealing Rosary Item created, and is map-savable.
*Mokurenji Fruits can be collected only by alive people or demons, and can only be eaten by demons/angels giving the same nutrition as the forbidden fruits;
*Fixed alot of bugs toward Limited Cosmos in underworld;
*Blessed Relics are now a thing, a type of custom relics that are supposed to be made by gods; with admin aproval, this item gives someone a temporary bless similar to the eighth sense;
*Fake Death added; dieing with eigth sense, or blessed relic; will trigger the fake death (each player can do this only once); and will send him to the underworld alive, keep their armor, and their normal cosmos;
*Cancer Guardian now have a new skill, called Yomotsu Portal; a skill that gates him toward yomotsu and reality, working similar to the yeshua key; however you can only walk through the portal out to earth if you also wealked in through it; grabs are allowed to take/rescue people from/to yomotsu using this skill.
*Jumping in hell from Yomotsu, and you not having eight sense or blessed relic, (Even if youre Cancer Guardian) is a no returning path, unless youre rescued.

this is the basic Mokurenji role's main features, they are simple but pose up a huge gameplay change, forcing players to interact more with the world and players around them; reapers being able to attack freely earth without fearing loss of status while the Sealing Rosary isn't made, forces the survivals to work up in a underworld invasion to gather the mokurenji fruits, and once the sealing rosary is made, it forces the reapers to invade and try to destroy it; opening a huge new meta to the game's wars.

However this update also have a second theme; thanks to @Tuuh, Azusa now have its own sound track; a pack of background songs composed directly to Azusa will help the players to feel a complete new immersion to the game;
the songs are organized by regions in the game, a new buttom in the sounds/chat submenu allows you to set its volume (wich is average by 60); the battle songs halts the bgs songs, once the battle song ends, bsg goes back;
*Heracles Theme ; Played at Heracles, Northen Plains, Heracles Undergrounds; Northen Plains Undergrounds;
*Dungeons Theme; Played at Deep Forests, Caves, Deadlands, and Deadlands underground;
*Desert Theme; played at the desert, and desert underground;
*Hells Theme; Played at underworlds jails, Underworld Castle, Limbo, Yomotsu; and Nightmare World;
*Character Creation; Played during character Creation, and Olympo;
*Atlantis Theme; Played at Atlantis;
*Athenas Theme; Played in the Zodiacal Houses, Athenas Temple, Athenas plains; Athenas plains undergrounds;
*Asgard Theme; Played on both maps of Asgard;


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Mar 28, 2018

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