Azusa v.0.5.0 to v.0.5.5

Welcome back to another Update Log; This one is a very important update, not just because we are finally moving to the first full version of Azusa's beta, but we are concluding some big systems that have been on hold since beta 0.0.1; Well, Lets not waste time and start it:

0.5.1 to 0.5.5

*Small Changes to make gameplay easier:
Such as Pressing Z to kill a NPC instead of pressing E;
Its possible now to pick up items with double click;
Changed the frequency of roleplay checks (1 hour instead of 2);
Changed the catch up rate of CM;
Rework at desperatio's fog; now with a smog effect;
Some fixes toward savefiles;
Possible to learn training method by yourself (using 10 rpp);
Some reworks at the movement system to make it smoothier;
Some rebalances at the active training systems;
Using skip turn now recovers one stamina;
Fixed a bug where angels/demons couldn't gain rpp through says;
Custom NPCs attempt now costs 200 coins (instead of 1k);
You can now grab your own custom NPC;
Fixed bugs with barriers, that made them unbreakable;
Barriers were now made temporary, they usually least a certain amount of years;

*New Destruction System:
Theres now a toggle to set if you are going to destroy something or not, keep it off if you don't plan destroying stuffs for no reason;
Re-designed destructions, previously it was just theorical that a strong person could destroy an entire city; Now, its possible, as if you destroy a structural tile, the tiles built by the same person around it will also be destroyed;
(there were some rebalances in the difficulty to destroy something in the versions 0.5.3 till 1.0.0)
Think twice before abandoning your loved city in the hands of a strong villain!
Now the destructions have better effects, as destroying a house will leave destruction fires and smokes that can be seen in a large distance!

*Broken Bones and Injury System:
Started to introduce these systems, there are alot of sub-content based updates to be done toward it, but lets explain:

There was a huge problem in Azusa design in terms of battle; for example, a strong player A; gets in a fight with a slightly weaker player B; the fight get A to 10% health; B sacrifices his life to get A hurt down to 10% and dies; A simply rests and A is ready for another go like it was all a big nothing, and B death is taken as a big nothing aswell; no one in the world can ever defeat A cuz yeah. (this flaw constantly killed long wipes with extremelly strong players)

With this problem in mind, it will be easier to understand the mechanics of injury and the reasons behind it;
Fighting WITHOUT TRAINING MODE ON(aka serious battles), can break bones, under 70% health you will have a low chance breaking a bone everytime youre damaged (higher damage, higher chances)
The chances also increase if your health is lower, as fighting with 20% health for example will probably result in some injury.
You can break up to 10 bones;
each bone breaking reduce the way your status affect your melee attacks and defences by 9%
10 broken bones means you are really vulnerable and can be killed by someone originally way weaker then you.
(think twice before getting into some serious battle, take care of your body!)

Medics can make medic kits; wearing a medic kit wont let you move, and it will start healing the bones; usually take some time to heal, so good luck there,
Using the medic kits in a bed gives you 2x healing rate
Keep in mind that it takes the same amount of time, if you are healing 1 bones or 10; but you will only heal if you get into a treatment (aka, wearing the medic kits). So make sure to buy some medic kits from a civil whenever you have a chance!

if you have broken bones you get +2% explosion rate for each bone
if you explode your cosmo with KO and broken bones, you get them healed

(Why bones breaking arent specific?) 1- give you RP freedom to break ur nose or w/e you want.
2- in saint seiya, breaking a leg or arm never stopped the characters from using these limbs, aka, look at how tenma breaks the stones with his broken arms; and how albafica throws roses and walks with all his bones broken etc.
however it will affect your battle and make you vulnerable (mainly if you are the strongest player in the game)
3- The broken bones (even with this tittle) can be roleplayed as any kind of Injury, such as a deep cut, etc.

Also made some extra visual icons to give the player the feels of pain whenever you get one of these injuries; such as bandages and a bone breaking animation.

*New Standalone Client:
Finally, yeah, I had to make a topic for this one because old players knows how long I been trying to customize it; now we have a pretty nice splash screen,

*Tips System:
the tips system basically have a tips database, starting out with 118 tips; these tips works as a interactive guide/tutorial for new players, and ofc, to make the game interactively teach the players in a non boring way. More the player explore the game, more tips he will unlock. Dont expect tips like cellphone online games that that we want to not read fast as possible; The tips systems can really reveal mechanics secrets usefull even to ancient players;
Also, the tips works more like a collecting cards;
Basically when you do certain actions, explore the game such as defeat someone, start a battle, get defeated, die, explode ur cosmo, travel, level up, etc. Will unlock certain types of tips; once you unlocked that tip it wont be displayed anymore when you explore;
However the tips you unlocked will reappear in your screen at every 10 minutes or so; theres a 5% chance you unlock a new tip at that time loops;

Well, basically good luck with these tips, gotta catch em all!
Admins can also broadcast a tip, by typing its id number


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